I am a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist located in the Charlotte-Metro area of North Carolina. Using a variety of instruments, I compose, perform, and record using equipment ranging from:

  • Acoustic and electric guitar
  • Hand drums and various percussion
  • Keyboard and electronic instruments
  • Exotic and world instruments

Genres & Styles

I pull from a variety of influences in my compositions. The musical genres and styles that I gravitate toward are:

  • World music
  • Flamenco and Classical
  • Folk, Old-World, & Renaissance
  • Electro-acoustic
  • Ambient & New Age


I am available to play live for a variety of venues:

While performing under my own name, I have commercial releases available under the name Keplar; they can be found a most major online retailers including Amazon and iTunes. You can find out more about my work at www.Keplar.net. I am also involved in a multimedia collaboration with Eclectic Cycle entitled “Chooser of the Slain”.